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Hydrogen gas as fuel
for greener

Imagine a car journey from London, England to Rome, Italy.

For a car to drive this distance with diesel or petrol it would cost roughly €290. The journey will emit 422 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.


An electric car consumes about 264 kWh for the same distance and would cost an estimated €175 and will possibly, indirectly release about 71 kg of CO2 during the journey. (Production of electric energy in the UK generates 257g of CO2 per kWh, 85g per kWh in France and 372kWh in Italy)

With Lorentz produced hydrogen gas, the same distance would cost only €17 (production cost of the gas) and emit  157 kg of clean water as well as 0kg CO2  


London, Uk _______________________________ Rome, Italy

1,100 miles / 1,760km

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