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The patented Lorentz method enables a noveau way of renewable hydrogen gas production. The process itself can be powered by solar energy and the only additional requirement is water.

In comparison to both conventional and other renewable methods, our process is cost-effective and also eliminates the need for transportation, as the hydrogen gas is produced on-site. With our compact equipment, implementation is non complex, and the production process is devoid of CO2 and any other harmful emissions. 


1. LORENTZ is at the forefront of producing hydrogen gas to serve diverse sectors, including transportation, industry, households, and beyond. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to generate hydrogen locally, aligning with demand, and harnessing green energy from solar panels and wind turbines. This approach not only meets energy needs efficiently but also significantly reduces transportation-related emissions.

2. Our proprietary catalytic process is the cornerstone of making green hydrogen not only affordable but also economically and environmentally sustainable.

3. LORENTZ technology requires only a fraction of the energy compared to conventional electrolysis and steam methane reforming methods, minimising resource consumption and environmental impact.

4. Crucially, our green hydrogen production from water entails zero pollution, underscoring our dedication to environmental responsibility.

5. LORENTZ is dedicated to establishing robust hydrogen networks in Europe and beyond, facilitating the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

6. Our catalytic electrolysis technology enables us to produce green hydrogen at a lower cost compared to traditional methods that rely on natural gas (grey hydrogen).


7. With decades of research and development, LORENTZ is well-equipped to commercialise our technology and actively contribute to the imperative global efforts aimed at combating further global warming and pollution. Our vision is to provide cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions for a brighter future

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