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inventor and founder

The Lorentz World hydrogen production method is based on a patent from 1975 by Mr Anders Olsson. Initially he was working on a different innovation when he discovered that hydrogen gas was generated as a side effect. At the time very few people saw the value in this but 50 years later the demand for hydrogen gas has grown. The technology has now been further developed with added inventions and production efficiency. The Lorentz method is patent protected.

Anders Olsson's contributions extend beyond his involvement in hydrogen production. With a portfolio of multiple patents, he has developed several innovations for companies such Alfa Laval as well as structuring financial transactions between Swedish multinational companies and major international corporations.

In addition to his achievements in patent innovation and financial structuring, Olsson stands as the inventor and developer of the CASO technology. This groundbreaking initiative effectively converts hydrocarbon-rich waste—such as discarded tires, unwanted plastic waste, and oil spills—into renewable oil, facilitating the production of new products. The commercial success of CASO is evidenced by its operational presence in Denmark, underscoring Olsson's commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions.


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Anders Olsson


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